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Corner Gas HVAC

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Professional Consulting Services

Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to Excellence.

Corner Gas HVAC is a leading HVAC Contractor in the London area. We provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to contracting and specialize in a wide range of services. Since we started out in 2008, We’ve been committed to our clients’ needs and satisfaction. Get in touch to receive your free estimate today.

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Fixing an Air Conditioner


Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Ductless Mini Splits, Air Handlers

CONTINENTAL (Canadian Made)

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Corner Gas HVAC is your one-stop-shop for all your construction and repair needs. Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a larger scale project —We are your go-to pro and We are ready to handle it all. Browse through the list of my services below, and get in touch for your free estimate.

Air Purifier Installation


Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Our clients are our number one priority, and We’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? Our services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Call us today at  226-927-1813 to discover how we can help.


Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

Maintenance Programs Available

Regular Maintenance on your equipment will lengthen the life of your equipment as well as  ensure that it runs more efficiently. It also ensures that any problems are spotted before they happen. Regular maintenance also maintains your warranty

White Bedroom

Residential HVAC Installation

It’s All in the Details

We install top brand furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and fireplaces. We have warranties that go beyond what the manufacturer offers. Call us today at 226-927-1813 to have us come out for a FREE ESTIMATE


Home Air Filter Replacement

Filter changing is very important both in the heating and cooling season. A plugged unchanged filter can cause a lot of damage to your system. It is also very important to change the filter for a clean and healthy air system in your house. Call us today at 226-927-1813 to discover how we can help.

Air Duct

Custom Ductwork

We do complete Ductwork, conversions from electric to propane or natural gas. We can arrange a full HVAC design, arrange for gas line installation as well as Meter set. We can also do minor ductwork changes for any type of renovation.

Air Conditioner

Air Flow Checkup

If you’re looking for a certified HVAC Contractor to manage a really complex job, consider this project a testament to our abilities to deliver quality results on time and within budget. We worked closely with our client to understand their needs and preferences, and the success of the outcome speaks for itself.


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